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Playlist: Interaction in Virtual Reality

By Calvin S. — 20 activities
Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology with applications in several different fields. In this playlist, students will learn how to add interactions so that viewers can interact with objects in virtual reality. We recommend completing the Animation in VR playlist before starting this playlist. Here are some lesson plans for the lessons in this playlist: Click-Based Interaction - Gaze-Based Interaction -
Lesson Click-Based Interaction
Video Interacting in VR
Quiz Interacting in VR Quiz
Example Click to move
Example Click to change color
Example Click to expand
Exercise Too Much Sun
Exercise Blast off!
Exercise Going Outside
Lesson Gaze-Based Interaction
Video Gaze-Based Interactions
Quiz Gaze-Based Interaction Quiz
Example Gaze to change color
Example Gaze to rotate
Example Animation + Interaction
Exercise Fill a Vase
Exercise Tumbleweeds
Exercise Vanishing Bubbles
Challenge Challenge: Create your own
Badge Interactions Badge