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Playlist: Next Steps in Virtual Reality

By Calvin S. — 20 activities
Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology with applications in several different fields. This playlist discusses next steps students can take to further explore virtual reality development with a A-Frame. We recommend completing the rest of the VR playlists before starting this playlist. Here are links to lesson plans for the lessons in this playlist: Using Docs - Using the Inspector - Adding Extra Components - Further Practice -
Lesson Using A-Frame Docs
Video Using A-Frame Docs
Quiz Using A-Frame Docs Quiz
Example Exploring the Torus Knot
Exercise Explore a New Shape
Lesson A-Frame Inspector Tool
Video The A-Frame Inspector
Quiz The A-Frame Inspector Quiz
Example Exploring the Inspector
Exercise Secret Shapes
Exercise Diagonal Lines
Exercise Snowman
Lesson Extra Components
Notes Adding Extra Components: Physics
Example Adding Physics
Exercise Billiards
Exercise Bouncy Balls
Lesson Further Practice
Notes Keep Learning!
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